We offer a variety of IV therapy treatment options that will have you feeling better in a jiffy! No matter if you're looking for a morning perk up or are working off a seasonal bug, we have something for you! Book Now or come on in and give us a try.


Super Fluid - Myers’ Cocktail

The one that started it all

Developed by Dr Myers’ back in the 1960s, the Myers’ Cocktail includes a wide range of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, Magnesium, Vitamin B complex (B1, B3, B5, B6) and B12 Hydroxocobalamin . The Myers’ Cocktail forms the backbone for all of our treatments. Add a Methyl B12 shot to any IV for $20 for even more instant energy! Regular $30.



Myers Detox Icon.png


Helps eliminate free-radicals

Our Myers' Cocktail in a full liter of saline with Glutathione (per patient request).  Glutathione is a super-antioxidant that helps with detoxifying the body of free-radicals.  Add a Methyl B12 shot to any IV for $20 for even more instant energy! Regular $30.



Sports Performance & recovery

Made for performance and recovery

From the elite athlete to the weekend warrior, the Peak Performance treatment will help you perform better and recover faster. It includes all Myers' Cocktail ingredients plus glycine, arginine, methionine, taurine and glutathione.




Rapid Recovery / Hangover Perk up

Leave last night behind

We’ve all been there. Too much fun the night before ruins your Saturday and no one wants to lose a day off to a hangover. This treatment is our standard Myers' Cocktail with extra saline to speed rehydration. Add Toradol for headache and/or Zofran for nausea ($10 each)




immune Mega boost

Your extra layer of protection for cold and flu season

Nobody wants to get sick, so why not get a treatment that will help keep you healthy during cold and flu season or on your next flight? Starting with our Myers' Cocktail, this treatment adds Calcium, Sodium Bicarbonate, a second dose of Magnesium and extra B6.





Eliminate free radicals to help fight the aging process

You already eat right, exercise and get enough sleep, but there is only so much you can do to fight the aging process. Get an edge with our antioxidant treatment. Take our Myers' Cocktail, 500mL of saline and add a dose of Glutathione to eliminate free radicals and help prevent cell damage.




B12 Shots

Your quick and easy boost

B12 helps build DNA and form red blood-cells while aiding digestion and brain function. It also helps prevent anemia while enhancing our moods. Though it is available in a variety of forms, B12 is best absorbed by the body through IM (intramuscular) injections.



Cold and Flu Icon.png

Cold & Flu

Feel better faster

When you’re sick, the only thing you want is to feel better and our Cold & Flu treatment will have you on the mend, fast. Take our Myers’ Cocktail (B Vitamins and Magnesium) and add 15,000mg of Vitamin C to kick your immune system into high gear.



Keep the good health flowing. Being a member allows IV Therapy to work even better. Just like we need to exercise and eat healthy regularly, adding monthly IVs to your health routine helps you stay healthy. Plans run for six months.




Regular price: $150.00 each


1 IV per Month

$135.00/ mo
$135/ IV
you save 15$ per IV

2 IVs per Month

$260.00/ mo
$130/ IV
you save 20$ per IV

3 IVs per Month

$380.00/ mo
$126/ IV
you save 24$ per IV



regular price: $250.00 each

1 IV per Month

$230.00/ mo
$230/ IV
you save 20$ per IV

2 IVs per Month

$400.00/ mo
$200/ IV
you save 50$ per IV

3 IVs per Month

$585.00/ mo
$195/ IV
you save 55$ per IV

Coming soon: Super MIC Injections for energy, muscle recovery and weight management.